Slice Of Nature Marula Oil Benefits for Face and Hair

Slice of Nature Marula oil Benefits
Slice of Nature Marula oil benefits for face and hair are amazing. If you want to try an organic oil that will leave your skin fresh-looking and healthy then give this top rated oil a try.

What is it?

Marula oil is oil that is extracted from the kernels of the famous marula fruit. The marula tree grows in the southern parts of Africa. One unique fact about the marula oil is that it has been used for many centuries by women in South Africa and Mozambique as a skin moisturizer.

It is usually extracted from the fruit through a mechanical process that involves crushing the fruit using hard rocks. The kernels are actually extracted from the fruits by hand before the nuts are cracked by the rocks. After crushing the nuts, it is filtered and no additives added, making it one of the purest and organic oils around. Marula oil is clear and yellow in color, with a nutty aroma.

Benefits of Marula Oil

Most people know marula oil as a moisturizer but they do not know that it has many other benefits. This light oil is rich in antioxidants which not only keeps the skin supple but also glowing with every application. It has anti-aging benefits and upon application leaves the skin and hair deeply hydrated and rejuvenated.

It also contains useful and healthy fatty acids such as stearic, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids which also maintain the skin and keep it healthy. With its ingredients, this oil is also used for reducing skin irritations and redness. Experts also recommend using Marula because it protects the skin from water loss and heals skin tissue.

How it is Used

One of the common uses of marula oil is direct application on the skin for moisturization purposes. Most cosmetic product manufacturers usually use it as a carrier in their formulas for soaps, skin care products and perfumes. The oil is also used for aromatherapy purposes in massage parlors and spas.

Use it on your face, neck, dry areas of your body, scalp, dry ends, dry hands and cuticles and as a hair mask. It is also useful to diminish acne scars and to treat several skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Marula has to be one of the best oils I have ever tried because it has many uses, absorbs rapidly and don’t leave that greasy feeling. I like to add a drop ot two to other skin care products such as moisturizers and foundations.

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